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About Me

Twenty years ago, life looked progressive with a Masters, acquired from the IIT’s, the most acclaimed engineering institutions in India. I walked on the streets of Mumbai with ambitions reaching the sky. As I stood on the beach with the roaring waves, my eyes gazed the horizon. I found myself in the ocean of opportunities that could have taken me across the 7 seas. Life could have offered me anything I desired.

But destiny had its say. On a fateful day, I fell from a great height. It left me with multiple fractures in the upper limbs, leaving me completely paralyzed below the waist. Ever since, life has been a roller coster ride on a wheel chair. In addition, life had many more surprises to offer, some traumatizing and few challenging. Two decades of bumpy track destined by life has not limited me from living a limitless life.



International Conferences

  • Adressed on Agile Topics
  • Lean Agile International Conferences, India;
    Regional Scrum Gathering, India;
Motivational Talks

  • Boston Conference in USA:
    Facilitator on Life Transformation to a group in South Dakota

  • All India Radio, Karnataka:
    A Radio program on my Life

  • All India Radio, Karnataka:
    Career Guidance Program

  • Engineering Colleges in Karnataka:
    As a speaker to inspire college graduates

  • Delivered Stand Up seminars to teens


  • Awarded Rotary Diversity Award -2018 on International day for persons with disabilities for Vocational Excellence, being the inspiration and never say die spirit.

Stand Up Program

Re-Write your destiny and you can

This programme is designed to transform a person from being stopped by circumstances to someone with the power to live the life one wanted. After undergoing this programme, the person will be able to rewrite destiny, transform and lead the life with more enjoyment, enthusiasm and start taking better decisions in the areas of career, health, job, family, and finances etc..

The program is facilitated by the person whom himself has met with an ill-fated accident (fall from great height) and other odds, and yet leading a successful life, the entire program is highly interactive and has follow-up action plans and personal roadmap for your success. All the limitations one has in the life get vanished thereby making a person to live a limitless life in future: The program intends to work on the self-imposed limitations in order to surmount them so that the person can embrace life with multiple possibilities and take on a future crafted by oneself

What you will learn:
  • Having a good BLUEPRINT for your life which will show you what you need to do and follow.
  • You will be able to take charge of your life without any reasons whatsoever limiting you so far
  • You will be able to change the course of your life using a 3D approach to become successful in career, business, finance, and relationships
  • You will be able to discover your hidden potential which has been untapped till now
  • With the help of a 4-step system you will be able to rise to the occasion and define your own life


Released on 4th March
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