I help people to rebound from any circumstances to create the life they wanted by uplifting their Inner Power and Unstoppable Mindset.


Rebound Coach, Author, TEDx Speaker,
Inspirational Speaker and Transformation Expert

About Me

I am Niranjan Nerlige V. I am a Rebound Coach, TEDx Speaker, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Corporate Trainer. I strongly believe in “Challenging one’s limits rather than limited by challenges”.

Life took a completely different turn when I was about to leave for the US after passing out from a prestigious institute, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. On a fateful day in 1994, I had a fall from height accidently due to high fever as a result I had to be confined to the wheelchair rest of my life.

I had to be hospitalized for two years and was taken to operation room almost seventeen times.

As Heller Keller says, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”. I bounced back very strongly after two years of my harrowing stay in hospital with very strong will power, determination and can-do attitude. I took up the job in an MNC to become highly successful person within next two years. I am living with my adopted son of 21 Years as a single parent.

After 12 years of corporate stint I had to leave the organisation I was working last due to lack of understanding of the management about by disability.

The day I lost the job, decided to become boss of my own life and said to myself “I will not depend on someone for living”.

As they say, ‘Where there is a will there is way’, I decided to follow my passion to teach, became corporate trainer and I never allowed fate to take control of my life.

That is how my training and coaching company Exelplus Services was born. I trained more than 4000 participants and 85 Plus Organizations in the area of Agile Project Management to various Indian and Overseas Clients.

I have travelled five countries in my wheelchair for my work. I have delivered several motivational and coaching seminars in many educational institutions, corporates and to public.

As a corporate Trainer though I was successful. I was feeling lack of fulfilment in my life. I was always feeling I was missing something.

In the year 2016, I was invited as a facilitator to the conference in Boston to inspire a group of people in the US. The South Dakota group to whom I was addressing triggered my thought to take up the role of inspiring people, motivate and transform them to change their life.

This is how I became a Rebound Coach helping, serving people to rebound in their life irrespective of circumstances and create the life they wanted.

Soon I was followed with many awards and recognitions.

I was awarded "Rotary Diversity Award - 2018", for vocational excellence and being the inspiration for my achievements and never say die spirit.

I was interviewed in TV Channels such as Dooradarshan, AB News and Radio channels about my life.

I have been featured in several newspapers and magazines about my life and my accomplishments.

I was invited for TEDx talk at DSCE, Bengaluru as a TEDx Speaker in 2019.

I have been featured in Forbes Magazine as an “Unstoppable Rebound Coach”

In Sep 2021, I was interviewed by one of the crew members of most renowned life coach and business strategist, Tony Robbins, UPW team and this interview was video streamed to corporate professionals in Philippines.

I authored a book ‘I CHOOSE TO BE UNSTOPPABLE’ which is an inspiring story of how a physically challenged person, overcame all odds to live a life of incredible achievement, success and fulfilment.

My book became #1 Best Seller in Amazon.

Currently I coach and inspire people to bounce back in their life irrespective of their situation, create happy, successful and prosperous life.

I have designed a Life Changing Transformational Program “STAND UP - Rewrite your destiny & U can” and a personal transformation system that will help people to lead happy, successful life despite any situation.

My mission is to help 1,00,000 people in next 5 years to realize their potential and rewrite their destiny.

I strongly believe when person who is in wheel chair can stand up in his life, for his challenges and dreams, leading an “Unstoppable and Fearless Life” though I cannot stand up on my feet, anyone can stand up for his/her life and can create the life way they want by developing fearless and unstoppable attitude.

TEDx Speaker

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I was going through a rough patch, with lower self-confidence, and a struggle to get back to my full potential. I requested Niranjan to be my Rebound Coach. Niranjan has really faced a lot of hardship/challenges in his life, and has been highly successful in bouncing back to life, even though there were severe setbacks.

In his coaching sessions with me, identified my areas that were pulling me down, helped me to come up with ways to overcome my own limiting beliefs. He helped me great deal in changing some of my faulty habits and change new perspective to help me in my journey. The biggest being formulating a goal for myself and living up to it. Each of the personalised sessions helped me to re-shape my confidence with simple but effective techniques which aided my bounce back. I am now on the path of the second version of me, who is rearing to go with great fervour and tenacity.

Ravi Raghavendra
PM Supervisor in an Nexteer Automotive Supplier Company,
Michigan, USA

Niranjan is a living example of how every one of us can be unstoppable. He is highly energetic, and his positive energy reflects on anyone who comes into touch with him. Given this, personal coaching with him is a truly transformational experience.

The sessions are customized to the specific needs of the mentee and thus provide exactly what's required to resolve limiting issues in both professional and personal life. The stages and sessions are based on an experiential model which personally helped Niranjan rebound.

Every session is also carefully designed to gradually reprogram the mind and change the entire persona of the mentee using scientific tools and techniques. He is very patient and connects amazingly well with the real-life situation of every mentee instead of prescribing stereotyped stuff.

The sessions have really equipped me to deal with complexities of life in a more structured manner and I feel more confident about myself than ever before. I highly recommend anyone feeling the need to achieve his true potential to undergo this coaching.

Saurabh Agarwal
Specialist Requirements Management,
Etisalat, UAE

“I have been in a personal coaching session with Niranjan for the last 4 months. Must tell it had been an enriching journey to say the very least. I sought for help when was in a transition point in my life, career all at the same time. I was struggling to strike the right balance between various priorities - personal and professional. Interaction with Niranjan has helped me see the various aspects of life in the right context.

Initial 3 months was focussed completely on the immediate burning issues at hand. No aspect of life was seen with less or more importance. The approach was always all rounded and bottoms up. Step by step approach was suggested in each session and I was to apply them the week that followed. In the subsequent weeks, there was a review of the challenges faced and ways to go about them.

There were coaching, hypnosis and self-affirmation sessions that helped me get to root cause of the issue. And I must say that, now I see the starting point of most of my thought patterns and this is helping me to understand myself better. My personal and professional life’s quality has increased by orders of magnitude. Now I see huge potential in myself to redesign my career and life in general.

Thank You Niranjan - for this amazing transformation.“

Mahesh Ravi Varma
Digital Verification Lead at Analog Devices
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

“I was in a path defining stage 6 months back , both professionally and personally and was in dilemma of whom to reach out . I realized at that very moment of need of a coach who not only can assist/ guide me on “Clarity” with Goals/life changing thoughts but also throw insights of how one needs to be “UNSTOPPABLE”.

Who better can be that person be for me other than Niranjan Nerlige, who not only imbibe the principles of unstoppable but at every moment of life evolved as a great human being , like saying goes – “Rose like a phoenix” and a role model for everyone. The choice I made to have Niranjan Nerlige as my coach not only guided me to speed up on my professional and personal goals but gave a new meaning to my life by adapting blueprint of my life, habits and understanding better about myself. It made a huge impact to me and changed my way of thinking forever.

Thank You Niranjan for continuing to be a part of my life journey and looking forward for our great relationship to soar new heights. Sir, you are a role model to the society at large and would request people from all walks of life to get Inspired by your achievements ..

All the very best and you ROCK”

Niranjan Kumaraswamy Nadig
Associate Director at Harman Connected Services
Overland Park, Kansas, United States

"I have been in personal coaching sessions with Niranjan for the last five months and Niranjan has far exceeded my expectations as I had previously tried a lot of self-help tools which was of no avail; and Niranjan's sessions have been simple, effective, and transformative to say the least.

I sought help as my job/career was stuck, leading to a mediocre/unsatisfying work/life balance. I got to know Niranjan through a referral and never looked back. His coaching has helped me to see a paradigm shift where I got clarity and purpose concerning my job, career, my health, and as a family man. Niranjan started with a 360-degree approach and from the ground up which lay the foundation and helped me rebound with clarity and action plan on my career and job aspects which were my core issues.

In the subsequent weeks, there was a review of the challenges faced and strategies to tackle them including a powerful concept of 'self-identify. He helped a lot to raise my inner power, self-love, and develop habits to look at my life completely from a different perspective and I am seeing and realizing remarkable changes and fulfillment on the job front and in my personal life.

I highly recommend Niranjan’s services if you want to become unstoppable and bring transformation in life, career, and life in general.

I am very happy with the outcomes; thank you Niranjan - for the excellent coaching and transformation within me"

Karun VS
Sr. IT Professional,
Michigan, USA

They were long periods of despair, depression and disinterest about everything in life, throttled by physical and psychological malaise. I wanted to come out of this down spiral somehow. I came to know about Niranjan from my brother who suggested me to have a try for Personal Coaching.

I was really moved by knowing Niranjan’s story , physical and mental hardships and setbacks he went through and still come out in his present form. He stood as an unconceding warrior.

His Coaching techniques have strong and accepted scientific basis which includes a pre programme assessment of where you stand. Not only he inspires you, but also helps to identify the aspects of life where you are stuck including ones obsessions.

He gives you confidence to jump into your dreams without hesitation and with confidence.

He inspires to take action by overcoming those limiting beliefs.

His sessions seems tailored for each client, giving you techniques to rewrite your own beliefs and your own life.

Techniques and Strategies taught during the coaching are easily followable and of practical impact. There is focus on various general aspects of life as well as things specific for your need.

He helps you blow new life into dreary patterns of dead habit, envision and manifest your dreams, etc.. I loved that pinch of spirituality in his approach.

It helped me to understand my inner power better and importance of self-love.

I highly recommend his services to anyone want to bring transformation to one's life, career and become unstoppable.

Niranjan, All the best in this amazing journey of you helping others.

Dr.Brejesh Varma. MD, Anaesthesia
Associate Professor,


  • Awarded Rotary Diversity Award -2018 on International day for persons with disabilities for Vocational Excellence, being the inspiration and never say die spirit.


Do you need Personal Coaching from me…

There is no shortcut to success. If you want to create long-term results and become Unstoppable in any area you may wish to, the mind is the key to your sustainable success.

If you don't have the right mindset, even if you have a great strategy, it will not make much difference in your life.

Only when you change your perspective are you able to transform your life.

Niranjan's coaching sessions are not just aimed at changing your mindset, and you will discover some powerful distinctions, tools, and strategies in the area that matter most, eg; Personal Growth, Career, Business, Health and Relationships.

Personal Coaching Methodology:

  • 1-to-1 personalized online sessions aimed and customized to the areas that matter to you most.
  • Total comfort feeling as you have complete freedom to discuss what you want freely, openly unlike in any group coaching sessions
  • Personalized attention by your mentor, Rebound Coach Niranjan who has incredible experience of bouncing back, comeback story fighting against all challenges, odds in his life, and becoming unstoppable come what may.
  • Sharing his personal experience will tremendously help a person understand the practical approach to handling any adversities, challenges, or emotional problems, difficulties in life that impact your career or business.
  • Learn-Do- Transform Approach: The coaching sessions will help you learn potent distinctions, tools, strategies, and step-by-step action plans and implement them without much stress and effort. Your mentor Niranjan will personally monitor your progress every week on transforming your life.

Results you will get:
  • You will gain more clarity in your purpose, get focused on your goals and objectives that will change you radically in one year.
  • How to take charge of your life without any limitations or beliefs that are stopping you?
  • How to use untapped potential and realize your Inner Power?
  • How to love yourself more than anyone else?When you look in the mirror, are you truly happy with yourself?
  • You learn how to change your self-image by addressing the negative subconscious beliefs that are holding you back.
  • You will develop a winning feeling, become Unstoppable so that nothing in the world stops you.
  • You will start seeing a rise in your income level in your career or business due to a shift in your mindset.
  • There will be a remarkable shift in your personal life, your relationship with your spouse and children.
  • You will learn to eliminate all your emotional scars, such as past tragedies, hurts, and pains.
  • You will develop a Warrior mindset to overcome any fears, anxiety, and self-doubts holding you back all these days.
  • You'll learn how to control your upset, disappointments, anger and exhibit grace to yourself.
  • You will learn to enjoy every day of your life and make your life an exciting journey.
  • You will be less judgmental/ critical about yourself and others.
  • You will learn simple, practical meditation techniques to feel more love within you, love others and develop a sense of self-pride within you.
  • You'll experience a tremendous shift in your attitude through some Self-hypnosis sessions.
  • You'll learn simple, effective morning rituals and evening rituals to keep up your inspiration and high energy throughout the day and get good sleep.

Personality Assessment Analysis

Whether we realize it or not, each of us carries with us a mental picture of ourselves. It is called our "Self-Image", which is our conception of the "sort of the person I am". It has been built up from our own beliefs about ourselves.

We form these beliefs from our past experiences, successes and failures, and how others have reacted to us, especially in childhood. From all these, we mentally construct a " self" (a picture of a self), and this appears true for us. We keep acting in our life just as it were true. In other words, we form our personality based on our self-image.

All our actions, feelings, behaviors and even our abilities are always consistent with this self-image.

DISC Personality Assessment:

DISC is a simple, practical, easy to remember and universally applicable model. It focuses on individual patterns of external, observable behaviors and measures the intensity of characteristics using measures of directness and openness for each of the four styles.

Dominance(D), Influence(I), Steadiness(S), Conscientious(C)

  • D = Dominance: How you deal with Problems and Challenges

Assertive, Results-Focused, Rapid Decisions, Will Seek Challenges, Can Be Aggressive and Impatient, Desires to Lead

  • I = Influence: How you deal with People and Contacts

Very Outgoing and Persuasive, Very People Oriented, Quite Optimistic Outlook, Strong Communication Skills, Likes to have Variety in their day.

  • S = Steadiness: How you deal with Pace and Consistency

Very Patient & Favours Stability and Structure. Not a Risk Taker, Likes to operate at a Steady, Even Pace.

  • C = Compliance/Structure: How you deal with Procedures and Constraints

Date, Fact and Analysis Based. Precise and Accurate Trust in the Value of Structure, Standards and Order. Sees the value of "Rules".

Self-awareness is very important for one's growth and success. Only when you have proper awareness of what drives your actions and behaviors, you can develop positive growth.

In DISC, you will uncover your strengths and identify what may hold you back from success and the traits, habits, and behaviors acting as hindrances. When you take the DISC assessment, you will learn how to make the best use of the various traits of your personality to create a life of achievement that aligns with your values.

Who is an ideal candidate for the DISC test?

The DISC personality test is for anyone who wants to know more about themselves, their behavior, and their actions based on their limiting beliefs or negative codes (N- Codes).

DISC assessment helps people to pass interviews, succeed in the Job or Business and achieve their dreams and goals. DISC assessment helps to understand the type of the job/ career suitable for you.

It increases self-knowledge and can uncover limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your goals. It can also help you develop strategies to create a breakthrough in any area of your life.

Niranjan Nerlige V has vast experience in the analysis of the DISC assessment for his clients. He will help you understand the areas you are good at and areas that prevent you from achieving your goals or becoming the best version of yourself. He will help you to identify actions to overcome your weak areas.

"STAND UP - Rewrite Your Destiny & U Can" PROGRAM

The success is 80% Mindset (Subconscious), 20% Psychology (Skills)

Failures may happen to anyone, but how one deals with failures is important.

We all carry certain self-image about ourselves and it is the mental picture about ourselves. One of the key attributes of Success and Happiness is the positive self-image of a person.

Whenever we face difficulties or problems or obstacles we get stopped. We fail to realize that difficulties and problems come not to destroy you but to help you realize your hidden power.

There are two types of people in the world; those who are sitting back and blaming their circumstances on outside events, circumstances, and those who are taking action to transform their lives.

“STAND UP – Rewrite your Destiny and U Can” Program is for the second type of people.

This program is designed to transform a person from any adverse circumstances to someone with the power to live the life one wants by training SUB CONSCIOUS MIND and raise their INNER POWER.

After undergoing this life changing program, the person will be able transform one’s life to lead the life with more enjoyment, enthusiasm and enjoy what one wants to do and see amazing results in Life , Relationship, Finance, Career or Business.

Person’s health, relationship and perspective of life will see remarkable transformation. This is in turn cause rise in INCOME in the JOB or BUSINESS

The program is facilitated by the person who himself met with ill-fated accident (fall from great height) when he was about to leave for US and yet leading a life incredible success and achievement despite being confined to Wheelchair in 1994.

It is Niranjan’s passion to teach certain strategies, tools and techniques to others that helped him to become Unstoppable.

Any limitations one has in the life get vanished there by making person to live limitless life in future with multiple possibilities.

The program is designed to work on the self-imposed limitations, so that the person can embrace a life with multiple possibilities and take on a future crafted by oneself.

The Training Methodology:

  • The video-based lessons
  • Follow up assignments and Challenges for each technique taught
  • Every week virtual call by Mentor
  • Follow-up action plans and personal roadmap for your success

Results you will get:
  • How to take charge of your life and become Unstoppable by using my NEGATIVE INNER VOICE DEMOLITION FORMULA
  • How to change the course of your life using my 3D approach to be successful( in career, business, finance, and relationships)
  • How to rise to the occasion and define your life with the help of my 4S system.
  • How to develop Warrior Mindset overcome your self- doubts, fears and worries that are stopping you to march ahead in your life
  • How to discover your potential which is untapped till now and lead an extraordinary life
  • How to develop winning feeling by realize your Inner Power?
  • How to be less critical and judgmental of you and others?
  • How to stop seeking approvals of others and enjoy life.
  • How to create good BLUEPRINT for your life to lead an extraordinary life.